PE 800s on 6th Street, Downtown Los Angeles, 1916

By Ralph Cantos

Here is another colorized postcard of Downtown Los Angeles, a two-car train of what appears to be single pole 800s making its way eastbound on 6th Street at Spring. The postcard dates to 1916.

No postcard showing the great metropolis of Downtown LA was without streetcars of the LARY or interurbans of the Pacific Electric Railway.

As with most colorized postcards of the time, some fine details were lost. But in this case, there is little doubt that the cars shown here are more than likely the mighty high-speed 800s in all their glory.

Ralph Cantos Collection

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  • david sobo

    what would have been the most likely destination?

  • Ralph Cantos

    I would think it would have been 6th & Main

  • Al Donnelly

    A nice transit map that lets you look at these downtown lines (notice surface yard area shown having access to sixth as well as 7th):
    Perhaps someday you could tap a point on the map and see the appropriate postcard view jump up, totally adjustable for different eras.

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