Pacific Electric 969 Fan Trip: A scene unrecognizable today

By Ralph Cantos

Pacific Electric car no. 969 is seen here on the PE Inglewood line heading east, as it nears the crossing of La Cienega Blvd.

This line was originally built by the Santa Fe Railway in 1887, as their entry into Santa Monica. Revenue on this line never amounted to anything approaching a profit from either passenger or freight service. It was sold to the Los Angeles Pacific in 1902 and was electrified. The line came into the Pacific Electric portfolio in 1911.

Today, this scene is completely changed. For one thing, the photographer would be standing in the northbound lanes of the 405 Freeway and would be mowed down by a “hit-and-run” driver in a matter of seconds.

The rail line and open fields seen here are gone, replaced by urban sprawl, houses, factories, and apartments. I would bet that if Metro Rail was operating along this long-gone rail line, it would be well patronized. No use crying over pulled spikes.

PE 969 fan trip crosses the Venice Short Line
PE 969 Fan Trip crosses the Venice Short Line969 as it crosses the Venice Short Line rails on the Inglewood Line heading eastbound.
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  • Marc H. Pollard

    My heart is heavy with nostalgia because that is where I live now

  • garret verhoog

    I believe that is the Centinela drive in under construction in the back round?

  • G. V.

    I believe that is the Centinela drive in under construction in the back round?


    Looks like Santa Monica mountains in the background, so I believe that is correct.

  • G. V.

    That must be 1948 or 1949 cause the drive in opened in 1950.

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