LARY Green Car on Spring Street Near 6th

By Ralph Cantos

This beautiful photograph taken around 1931 shows one of LARY’s refurbished H-3 class cars rolling along Spring Street near 6th. The car is working the M line. In June of 1932, the M line was carved up to the 7, 8, 9 and 10 lines.*

Although the number of this car is not distinguishable, the photo shows the green H-3s (1416-1450) as they looked after being outshopped in 1929. Clearly visible is the headlight guard used because LARY cars with M-U couplers used high folding eclipse fenders.

Also, the roof slat sign box was still in use. About 1932-33, all 35 H-3s got the new Hunter roll sign box built into the roof. Along with the 35 H-3s, 60 H-4s also got the Hunter roof sign box, cars numbered 1201 to 1260. Only two 1300s got the Hunter roof sign box, cars #1369 and #1370.

Starting in late 1934, the Green cars began to disappear from the streets of Los Angeles. As the 35 Green cars went into South Parks Shops for routine repainting, they were given the standard yellow and brown paint job, thus ending a unique chapter in the history of the LARY.

Ralph Cantos Collection

*Thanks for the correction, John E.!!! – ed.

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  • Joe M

    LARY is headed south on Spring St. from 6th Street and is in front of the Los Angeles Stock Exchange Building at 618 S. Spring, to its right (east). The building still exists as does the one at the northeast corner of 6th and Spring.

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