LAMTA P-1 3068: Un tren abandonado en el desierto más árido del mundo (Atacama – Chile)

Ralph Cantos discovered this amazing new film from Chile regarding the sad fate of Los Angeles MTA P-1 PCC no. 3068, abandoned in a Chilean desert with its right-of-way pulled up and scrapped. Check it out!

LATL 3068 at Larchmont and Melrose in 1948.
3068 in better daysLATL 3068 at Larchmont and Melrose in 1948.
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    About 10 years ago I was in the Atacma desert and it is indeed a desolate place. How could such a low population area support electric rail transportation? And, any idea when the coupler was installed? What a sad ending.

  • Tito

    Apparently, 22 PCCs went to Chile. This one was separated and abandoned after it derailed. The rest were taken to their new roles railway company offices and storage.

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"Streetcar leaps from tracks, crashes into shop" - newspaper clippingLATL 1305 at Melrose and Western, H Line