Pacific Electric 499 Express in Wilmington

Pacific Electric no. 499 Express is photographed in Wilmington. Note the cracked glass on the porthole closest to the camera. Undated.

Gordon Glattenberg Collection

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  • Ralph Cantos

    Both the 499 and the 301 were scrapped soon after this photo was taken. Notice that the pilots and passenger steps have been removed from both cars before being sent to scrap. Also, the trolley poles have been removed from the 301. Both the pilots and passenger steps were prone to heavy damage in grade crossing accidents with trucks and autos. The work force at Fairbanks yard “repair shops” could never have enough spare pilots and passenger steps in stock to keep up with the demand. I think this photo was taken at Morgan Yard, the last place I ever saw the 499 in 1957 with every window smashed ready for its “last run” to Terminal Island.

  • Stephen Dudley

    Yes, this is Morgan Yard. The “side track” in that yard was a frequent parking spot for cars on their way to being scrapped.

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