Frank M. Wiggers Collection

Found 8mm Pacific Electric Footage from the late 1940s

Posted on: January 24, 2016 by Pacific Electric 10 Comments


We're thrilled to share this found footage from none other than Amsterdam, the Netherlands, by Frank M. Wiggers, who like us, shares a passion for anything railroad and mass transit.

He recently received a private film (likely 8mm) with Pacific Electric footage, and had it digitized and reached out to us for more information. We shared it with famed transit historian Ralph Cantos, who provided the following set of appraisals. Give it a watch and let us know what you think. And thank you to Frank for sharing with us!

From Ralph:

  • Very interesting footage. It  starts at Macy Street Yard and moves east along the Baldwin Park Line.
  • In the opening scenes, the 306 looks to be in A-1 condition, just out of the paint shop. I would say that 1947- 48 would be the time line of this short segment.

Please leave your additional comments below for us so that we can better document the entire clip!