Southern District

Ocean Avenue’s Red Cars

Posted on: March 11, 2010 by PERyHS 1 Comment
Bill Everett Collection, Donald Duke Collection

Bill Everett Collection, Donald Duke Collection

Long Beach's Ocean Avenue in 1943 was a virtual "sea" of Red Cars; here, nos. 1028 and 1054 are ready to leave for San Pedro; behind them, no. 1038 with a blank destination sign rests behind nos. 1028 and 1054.

Bill Everett Collection
Donald Duke Collection

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  1. Everett

    August 26, 2012

    It’s photographic scenes like this shown in the photo (above) showing the famed PE “Tens” running through an urban setting, on girder rails, that really inspires me to want to build a dream PE layout, someday. Right now, I’m just a collector of Suydam HO brass traction models.


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