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453 in Compton

Posted on: January 10, 2010 by PERyHS 4 Comments
C. R. Scholes Photo, Jack Finn Collection

C. R. Scholes Photo, Jack Finn Collection

Metropolitan Coach Lines (ex-Pacific Electric) interurbans (led by no. 453) roll through Compton in this Southern District action shot from 1957.

C. R. Scholes Photo
Jack Finn Collection

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  1. Brian James

    September 8, 2010

    This appears to be a “blimp” heading southbound toward Long Beach just north of Greenleaf Blvd in the City of Compton. The concrete risers under the tracks are still present and also lift the tracks as the current-day Blue Line trains buzz over them.

    I had a chance to ride one of these at the Orange Empre Railway Museum. These ride very comfortably at even high speeds. The conducter told me that the top speeds of these were approximately 55 MPH since they were designed for interurban travel.

  2. Brian James

    September 9, 2010

    For those not familiar with the area, there are actually three sets of track in the track bed: the north and south tracks for the current stock of MTA Blue Line trains and also a single track for Union Pacific freight trains. The U.P. trains utilize the western-most track in the track bed while the Blue Line trains use a twin set of tracks surrounded by a 4 foot high metal fence in the eastern part of the track bed. It made very good sense to return commuter rail service to this line. The Blue Line is very heavily traveled.

  3. Jim Gannon

    March 1, 2014

    Train crews and MofW all considered this the dream right of way on the Southern District. True grade separation, solid roadbed made for a great ride.

  4. Bob Davis

    March 1, 2014

    The conductor was overstating the top speed of the ex-IER cars (PE 400 and 450 class) They were good for about 50 wide open, and PE had to install field shunts to get that much speed. They were originally designed for SP commuter runs on the Oakland side of the bay, where fast acceleration was more important than high top speed.


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