1044 in Orange County

Donald Duke Collection

Donald Duke Collection

Pacific Electric interurban no. 1044 awaits a turnaround for the long run back to Los Angeles in this street-level scene in late 1939, probably in Santa Ana.

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Harold Stewart Photo
Donald Duke Collection

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  • John LaMain

    Do you know the exact location? I don’t recall double track street running in Orange.

  • Clifford Prather

    The photo was taken most likely in Santa Ana, it is not in Orange. Rail passenger service to Orange was discontinued in 1930 and there was no double track street trackage in Orange.

    The Santa Ana-Orange destination signs were put on the cars when through car service was started in about 1916-1917. The PE constructed a connection track at 4th and Main Streets in Santa Ana that allowed cars to move to or from LA via the Santa Ana line.The through service between LA and Orange was short lived, but the destination sign last for quite awhile.

  • Everett

    PE #1044 was the last “in line” of wooden interurban car from the famed “Ten” series (of the 1001-1044 class) made by The Jewett Car Co. They were all scraped. Except #1000 and #1001, they survived and are preserved at the OERM.

  • Rob Richardson

    I believe this photgraph is a view looking west of 4th Street just west of Breeden Street. A few steps behind the photogrpher was the location of the SP and Santa Fe Depots in the 1000 block of East 4th St. One additional clue is the sign partially hidden by the street car which was for Barr Lumber Company.

  • Everett Neal

    The caption says “late 1939”, but 1044 was a combine between 1933 and 1943. PE changed 1044’s number to 1363. Also, the gong, in the photo above, would be on the highest part of the clerestory roof if 1044 was a combine. I believe the gong on the freight-end remained on the uppermost part of the roof when 1044 was returned to being a coach.

  • Terry Salmans

    The switch to the right of 1044 went into a small three track car storage yard. The rail on 4th St. was removed back to the PE Station at 4th. and Mortimer shortly after World War 2 ended.

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