9015 at Los Angeles Street

Alan Weeks Collection

Alan Weeks Collection

Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority 3 Line bus no. 9015 crosses the intersection at Los Angeles Street in this March 1963 image. The destination board reads “Central Avenue to 38th Street.”
Alan Weeks Collection

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  • Mike Marincovich

    This photo view is looking north / east on 6th Street across Los Angeles Street. This is part of the LA Historic Core. The Chevron station to the left is long gone and now is the Merchandise Mart. The office building to the right across LA Street is now converted lofts – there called the Pacific Electric Lofts. Just beyond that on also on 6th street is Coles French Dip Sandwich, a great place to eat, which was founded in 1908 – worth the trip. The Greyhound on the right is gone and now the Wholesale Plaza. The white office building to the right of the photo is also converted lofts – The Santa Fe Lofts.

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