1051 on the Shuttle Line

Jack Finn Collection

Jack Finn Collection

Los Angeles Railway Edgeware Shuttle Line streetcar no. 1051 pauses at its stop at Edgeware and Temple. Note the gas station to the right and Edgeware Pharmacy in the background.

Jack Finn Collection

Here’s the location today:

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  • Alan Weeks

    This Location is at Edgeware Rd. and Temple St. It is the terminal of the Edgeware Rd. Shuttle. I don’t believe it was the 4 Line. Before it was
    a shuttle the 10 Line and A line both operated on this section of track.

  • Hector Herrera

    This is my first time commenting on this wonderful site. I’m really enjoying studying these images carefully and discovering the remaining history of those days in Los Angeles. Thanks so much for this website.

    I just viewed this area with Google Earth. It’s amazing that the old Edgeware Pharmacy is still there and also the house adjacent to it.

    I noticed in the image what appears to be a stairway on the sidewalk going downward right next to the Pharmacy. Is this correct?

  • duncan still

    The stairway Mr. Herrera sees in the photo is a “subway” that goes underneath Temple St.. The exit on this side of Temple is hidden behind the Birney. L.A. built many of these subways to cross busy streets and were installed to make it safer for schoolchildren to walk to school. Most of these subways were located close to schools for this reason. Most, if not all, are now closed because the criminal element found these subways to be ideal place to commit crimes.

  • Mike Marincovich

    This photo view is looking south. The Pharmacy building is still there, now George’s Liquor market. The houses up the street just beyond the old pharmacy building are gone; the land was taken over by the Betty Plasencia School for new class rooms. The land Where the streetcar, lady and the gas station are was excavated away to create the trench for the 101 freeway. Where the photographer was standing is now over the south bound fast lane of the 101. The building to the right of the old pharmacy is also still there but has been stuccoed over and painted off white.

  • Henry

    Whst year was this picture taken?

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