LA 1:87 Short Film

Posted on: August 12, 2016 by Pacific Electric 3 Comments


Here's a wonderful short film by Matthew Arnold-Ladensack entitled "LA 1:87" and featuring the fine HO scale modeling of iconic LA landmarks by 81-year-old Gerald W. Cox.

LA // 1:87 from Humanity Pictures on Vimeo.

Video: The Last Wig-Wag Signal, Anaheim, California

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Ed Fleming is back with an absolutely amazing video he just produced, entitled "The Last Wig-Wag Signal, Anaheim, California." This one is a MUST-WATCH-NOW! Enjoy!

Video: Ridin’ The Rails Once More

Posted on: May 19, 2016 by Pacific Electric 2 Comments


Michael Patris and Alan Weeks of the Pacific Electric Railway Historical Society are featured in this fantastic new video produced by Los Angeles County Newsroom to mark the opening of the final leg of the Metro Expo Line to Santa Monica, which traverses much of the original Pacific Electric Air Line. Alan was the last passenger to ride the old Air Line back in 1953, and here he is, riding the new Expo Line and sharing his memories. Great work by all!!!

Ridin' the rail once more from Los Angeles County Newsroom on Vimeo.

Video: KCET’s “Lost LA” on the Subway Terminal Building

Posted on: February 11, 2016 by Pacific Electric 1 Comment


PERHYS' Steve Crise and Alan K. Weeks are outstanding in the new KCET "Lost LA" episode featuring the Subway Terminal tunnel network still in existence. Trust us - watch this one on your lunch break. You'll be glad you did! Great work, Steve and Alan!

Video: Los Angeles in the 1920s

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Here's a vintage promotional film by Ford Motor Company documenting Los Angeles in the 1920s. Lots of action and a great perspective into how wonderful Los Angeles was as a young city in the first part of last century.

“Your Traffic Officer” (1946) Video

Posted on: December 4, 2015 by Pacific Electric 6 Comments


Here's an amazing training video produced probably by the Los Angeles Police Department traffic division, from 1946, showing downtown Los Angeles in the immediate postwar period. LATL PCCs, Pacific Electric cars, and much more! WOW!

Video: Metro Motion Summer 2015

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Michael Patris and Steve Crise of our parent organization Mount Lowe Preservation Society appear on the Metro Motion Summer 2015 video, presented by the MTA. They're the first segment, talking about PE and LARY history. Check it out!

Drones Over the Expo Line

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Here's a neat animation created by Eriks Garsvo showing a modern-day view of the old Los Angeles River Pacific Electric bridge pilings, with a Then-and-Now animation re-creation.

Vintage “Portland Cars” Pacific Electric Clip

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Uncovered by Alan Fishel and sent to us by Ralph Cantos comes this clip entitled Vintage film footage of transit in Portland, Oregon, but it also includes a minute or so of color Pacific Electric footage, including box motors, blimps ("Portland cars" as the narrator who shot the footage describes them - accurately, too!), Hollywood cars, and more, mostly around downtown and 6th & Main Streets.

The PE footage begins about 10:03 - scroll ahead if you like, but the entire clip is fantastic.